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Tools+ Mod

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 346
Updated: Apr 5, 2021
Created: Apr 3, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
tools+_1.16.4_1.7.9 release 622.49 KB Apr 5, 2021 1.16.5 267 download Tools+ Mod tools+_1.16.4_1.7.9 releaseDownload
tools+_1.16.4_1.2.6 release 263.20 KB Apr 4, 2021 1.16.5 45 download Tools+ Mod tools+_1.16.4_1.2.6 releaseDownload
tools+_1.16.4_1.1.4 release 262.43 KB Apr 3, 2021 1.16.5 34 download Tools+ Mod tools+_1.16.4_1.1.4 releaseDownload


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Tools+ Mod





Have you ever wanted more armor, tools, and swords without adding any new ores or complicated items? Well this is your mod. It uses already existing ores and items from vanilla Minecraft to make armor, swords, and tools. There are over 10 new types of armor, swords, and tools using the already existing ores and items.




 This is some things that are in the mod:


  • Swords This feature includes more types of swords, they are all made of the vanilla ore. If you think this is like my other mod Swords+, think again, as this mod has more features and textures.
  • Armor This feature has all types of knew armor. Made of vanilla ore and other items, these feature gives more variety to your normal game. This feature is similar to my Armor+ mod, but I can assure you, its different.
  • Tools This feature adds many knew types of tools into the game. Like the other features the tools are made of vanilla items, so no having to learn new items! This part was never seen by my makings. So enjoy!










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