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minecraft mod Wandering Trader Improvements

Wandering Trader Improvements

Game Version: 1.16.3
Total Downloads: 44,178
Updated: Nov 3, 2020
Created: May 16, 2020
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Earlier Versions

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wt_improvements-1.16.3- release 989.40 KB Nov 3, 2020 1.16.3 25,525 download Wandering Trader Improvements wt_improvements-1.16.3- releaseDownload
wt_improvements-1.15.2- release 987.41 KB Oct 15, 2020 1.15.2 12,637 download Wandering Trader Improvements wt_improvements-1.15.2- releaseDownload
wt_improvements-1.15.2- release 933.42 KB May 16, 2020 1.15.2 6,016 download Wandering Trader Improvements wt_improvements-1.15.2- releaseDownload



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This mod significantly improves Wandering trader mob, as many players consider it just an annoyence. 

Modified spawning

Wandering traders now spawn more frequently and consistently in villages.

Modified trades

Many items are no longer sold by wandering traders as they are too common and not biome specific.

Full list of removed items:

– glowstone

– fern

- pumpkin

- dandelion

- poppy

- wheat seeds

- all dyes

- vines

- brown mushroom

- red mushroom

- sand

- gunpowder


There is a lot of biome spefific items not sold by the trader added to trade list by this mod. The trader now also sells items from dungeons/structures and mighty potions. These potions are upgraded versions of potion from vanilla and multiple supported mods.

Full list of added items:

– sunflower

– lilac

– rose bush

– peony

– cocoa beans

– bamboo

– sweet berries

– carrot

– potato

– wither rose

– mycelium

– sponge

– enchanted book with a random treasure enchantment

– enchanted golden apple

– turtle egg

– bee nest (with 3 bees)

 -mighty potion



However, it's not all just good news. Wandering trader now has a chance to turn out to be a disguised illusioner! This mob will attack the player as soon as he tries to attack it or trade with it and is quite tricky to kill. However, it drops an item, which lets the player use one of it's tricks. It's called the Totem of Decoy and using it spawns an exact copy of the player which forces all nearby mobs to attack it while making the player invisible for a short while.

Future plans

While I've increased quality of average trade quite significantly, there is still much more that can be done to improve the wandering trader. One idea is to give trader a tier system similar to villager tiers. With it, players will be able to unlock better trades on the trader who visits them. It would be cool if the player could unlock trades with new unique items. Another possible feature is to let the player eventually buy the trader's llama as it can now only be obtained by killing the trader. And speaking about trader's llamas I am definitely going to make them more different from regular llamas. The illusioner encounter also definitely needs improvement and probably an aditional reward. If you have any idea for a new item obtained from illusioner or wandering trader, share it with me.


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