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minecraft mod Zephyr Islands

Zephyr Islands

Game Version: 1.8.9
Total Downloads: 416
Updated: Jun 24, 2017
Created: Jun 16, 2017
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v2.1b beta 1.24 MB Jun 24, 2017 1.8.9 83 download Zephyr Islands v2.1b betaDownload
v2.0.2b beta 1.23 MB Jun 24, 2017 1.8.9 37 download Zephyr Islands v2.0.2b betaDownload
v2.0.1b - Quest Fix! beta 1.23 MB Jun 20, 2017 1.8.9 47 download Zephyr Islands v2.0.1b - Quest Fix! betaDownload
v2.0b beta 1.26 MB Jun 20, 2017 1.8.9 40 download Zephyr Islands v2.0b betaDownload
v1.2b - The Nostalgia Update! beta 694.28 KB Jun 18, 2017 1.8.9 36 download Zephyr Islands v1.2b - The Nostalgia Update! betaDownload
v1.1b - The Moon Appears! beta 677.34 KB Jun 18, 2017 1.8.9 30 download Zephyr Islands v1.1b - The Moon Appears! betaDownload
v1.0b beta 611.72 KB Jun 17, 2017 1.8.9 34 download Zephyr Islands v1.0b betaDownload
v0.1.0a - The Mainland Update! alpha 592.75 KB Jun 17, 2017 1.8.9 29 download Zephyr Islands v0.1.0a - The Mainland Update! alphaDownload
v0.0.3a - The secret beginning alpha 448.23 KB Jun 17, 2017 1.8.9 27 download Zephyr Islands v0.0.3a - The secret beginning alphaDownload
v0.0.2a - The Gameplay Update! alpha 343.29 KB Jun 16, 2017 1.8.9 30 download Zephyr Islands v0.0.2a - The Gameplay Update! alphaDownload
v0.0.1a alpha 328.88 KB Jun 16, 2017 1.8.9 23 download Zephyr Islands v0.0.1a alphaDownload


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Zephyr Islands by Tixelpip


Zephyr Islands

by Tixelpip


NOTE: 1.13.x is currently not supported and will not be until the tools required for map development have been updated. The world is meant for 1.12.x only as it now includes blocks from the new versions. If you want to play on 1.8.x – 1.11.x please play one of the version listed as 1.8.

Zephyr Islands is a project started by Zeetodo that aimed to be a massive, multi-island Skyblock map combined with an adventure map.

The project was abandoned and no updates were posted for over a year.

The project has now been taken over by Tixelpip who is currently working on all future updates with a planned full release being worked towards.



A planned full story.

Quests that reap amazing rewards!

Multi-island gameplay with the ability to gather most materials.

Secret chests hidden across the map.

The ability to play the Skyblock map, Coop's Sky Island by Coop.


A Discord server is work-in-progress, when the server is public the invite will be posted here!




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