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The Watkins Mod

Game Version: 1.15.2
Total Downloads: 10
Updated: Feb 5, 2021
Created: Feb 5, 2021
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The Watkins Mod is being made using MCreator, go check them out here;




Currently this mod is 1.15 Only.


What is the Watkins mod, and what does it containt?


The Watkins mod adds a little bit of content, some Quality of Life, some as goals.


Here is what's added;




The Iozalda Flowers –

These Purple Flowers generate pretty much where any other flower will generate.

Upon breaking a Iozalda Flower (Without any Special tools or enchants) will result in the Iozalda Petal, an early-game food.


The Iozalda Petals – A Petal from the Iozalda Flower, They can be eaten quickly, but they don't give that much in terms of hunger.

Upon eating a Iozalda Petal,


Bowl of Iozalda's – Crafted using 3 Iozalda Petals and a Bowl, it gives normal food bars.

They give Speed longer then the Iozalda Petals when eaten.


Ores and Tools


Sulfur Ore – It's a Replacement for Gunpowder, an early-game way to get tnt.


Cobalt – Ore used in special crafting recipe for the Cobalt Steel Alloy.


Steel Ingot – Created by just smelting Iron Again, It's generally faster, more damage, but weaker in durability.


Steel Toolset and Armor Set – Weaker Version of Iron Armor.


Cobalt Steel Drill – A Multi-tool Used for digging rapidly, requires some mid game materials.


Future Plans


– Obviously more Content

– Mobs

– Maybe a Dimension

– Content that blends with Vanilla

– Content that sticks out from Vanilla

– Maybe a port to 1.16

– Potential Wiki


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